Corrugated Sheet "Eternit Villa"

"Eternit Villa" are modern Profile 5 sheets. The edges of the sheets are pre-cut (both coated and uncoated sheets) and the necessary holes (coated sheets only) are drilled at the factory. Therefore, the process of roofing with these sheets is much quicker and the probability of making mistakes is smaller. Eternit Villa sheets comply with all major Western Europen standards. The higher and wider bends create a more solid roof structure compared to the slate sheets used in the Soviet times. 

These sheets are especially popular for renovation and construction of private houses due to their fast and easy installation.   

1About product
Color selection
BL92, graphite
BL00, Uncoated
BL11, Classic Red
BL12, Dark Red
BL21, Dark Brown
BL22, Cherry
BL31, Green
BL91, Black
Implemented Projects
Cedral cement boards, Eternit Villa corrugated sheets, brown (BL21), private house, Lithuania
Eternit Villa corrugated sheets, cherry (BL22), Cedral board (C08), Kuršėnai
„Eternit Villa”, cherry (BL 21)
„Eternit Villa“, brown (BL21), rural tourism homestead Miško Žiedas, Laukstėnai Village.
Cost effective
Cost effective
flat roof pitchs (7° roof pitch)
flat roof pitchs (7° roof pitch)
Weather- and frost-resistant
Weather- and frost-resistant
Non combustible
Non combustible
UV-resitant and colour stable
UV-resitant and colour stable
Open for diffusion and humidity regulating
Open for diffusion and humidity regulating
Time saving
Time saving
Sound-retardant effect
Sound-retardant effect
Vermin resistant
Vermin resistant
Technical Details
fibre cement (DIN EN 12467)
11 kg/piece
875 x 920 mm
6±0,6 mm
Building material class:
non-combustible, A2-s1, d0 (DIN EN 13501-1)
Regular roof pitch:
6 different colours
Useable area:
0.65 m2/sheet
2Informative publications
Informative publications
Technical documentation
Corrugated sheets installation manual
Declarations of performance
It now takes little time and effort to calculate the cost of roofing or façade construction or remodeling, create detailed budget estimate and receive technical drawings.