Facade Board "Cedral" structur

CEDRAL planks resemble natural wood but incorporate elements not found in the natural material: rot resistance, fire resistance and no need of continuous painting. CEDRAL planks have become a product of choice for both residential and commercial buildings. The fibre cement plank CEDRAL is produced in wood-optic structured or with smooth surface.

1About product
Color selection
Brown BL21
night ocean C 18
blue ocean C 62
clay earth C 14
red earth C 61
cool mineral C 56
green ocean C 06
dark ocean C 19
autumn forest C 58
spring forest C 57
deep forest C 60
grey forest C 59
Natural C00
white mineral C01
soft forest C02
soft earth C03
Dark brown C04
soft mineral C05
light forest C07
clear forest C 08
clear ocean C10
yellow earth C11
grey ocean C15
warm earth C30
deep ocean C 31
orange earth C32
dark mineral C50
light mineral C51
warm mineral C52
grey mineral C53
anthracite mineral C54
grey earth C 55
autumn earth CL 104
brown earth CL 105
Implemented Projects
Cedral cement boards, Gotika corrugated sheets, cherry (BL22), private house, Lithuania
Cedral cement boards, Eternit Villa corrugated sheets, brown (BL21), private house, Lithuania
Non combustible
Non combustible
UV-resitant and colour stable
UV-resitant and colour stable
Open for diffusion and humidity regulating
Open for diffusion and humidity regulating
Low weight
Low weight
Great color card
Great color card
Vermin resistant
Vermin resistant
High dimensional
High dimensional
Technical Details
3600 X 190 mm
fibre cement, autoclaved (EN 12467)
screw fixing on timber sub-structure
coloured hydrophobic coating
timber textured
Facade cladding
Building material class:
non-combustible, A2-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1)
10 mm
Useable area:
0.576 m2/sheet
2Informative publications
Technical documentation
It now takes little time and effort to calculate the cost of roofing or façade construction or remodeling, create detailed budget estimate and receive technical drawings.