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Changes of corrugated sheets product names


We would like to inform you that starting from 1st of January Eternit Baltic is changing the names of corrugated sheets products.

Construction of CEDRAL factory starts


Eternit Baltic, the corrugated fibre cement sheet factory operating in Naujoji Akmenė, plans to begin construction of new production facilities on 2 November 2015. The new production facilities will produce Cedral cement siding for the local market and for the Central and Eastern European markets.

Student Contest Sustainable Development with Eternit 2014: Modernization


The idea and relevance of the contest
The amount of energy consumed for the heating of buildings and the quantity of the discharged CO2 in the EU ranks among the highest in the world (approximately 40% of the total discharged CO2 worldwide). This area has the best possibilities for energy saving. If the EU member states implemented all their scheduled projects by 2020, the energy consumption in European Union would decrease by 11%.

The most trustworthy fire protection in the world - now in the Baltic States


We usually think of the danger and consequences of fires after they happen. Each fire that captures the headlines sparks discussions about more reliable measures of protection that should have been taken for buildings. Unfortunately, not all builders learn painful lessons.

Free Shipping across the Entire Lithuania!


The goal of Eternit Baltic is to become the leading company offering roofing solutions in Lithuania. Therefore, the satisfaction of roof owners is especially important to us. As of the last year, Eternit Baltic has been offering free shipping. This year the company took it to a new level. Thanks to reliable partners providing transportation services, Eternit Baltic can now offer unloading of the products to any client who needs it. This helps to save time and cost of labour. 

„Eternit Baltic” Opens a New Branch in Vilnius


Eternit Baltic, the representative of Etex Group in the Baltic States and the manufacturer of corrugated fibre cement sheets, is opening a branch in Vilnius and looking for cooperation possibilities with construction specialists. The new office is established with a goal of having own place for generating creative ideas, increasing export as well as sales of the products in the architect and designer communities.

Season news and awards for rural tourism homestead owners


On May 29, the grand opening of the16th season of the Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association (LKTA) was held. Eternit Baltic presented the new roofing and façade products to the owners of rural tourism homesteads and awarded prizes for  the most beautiful homesteads.

We have cozily settled down under a reliable roof


This autumn marks the second year since Neringa and Arnoldas Petraičiai, the residents of Panevėžys, have started building their house. Today they rush home from work to their beautiful house with chocolate-colored Eternit Baltic roofing. Now they rush home from work to their beautiful house on Jono Jablonskio Street with chocolate-colored Eternit Baltic corrugated roofing. The residents of Panevėžys chose this roofing due to its high hardiness, durability and excellent soundproofing.

A stylish house attracts attention


The stylish house of Šumskai located in Linkuva near Pakruojis draws the attention of many passers-by who take a turn towards the neat settlement in Northern Aukštaitija. This house was also well received by the organizers of the Most Beautiful Homestead of Eternit 2012 contest. The young family of Nerijus and Ernesta Šumskai is a perfect example of how to live one’s life to the fullest. The young man is a manager at an agricultural company in Pakruojis. “Now it's the busiest time. I rarely stay at home but it is good to know that my wife and children have a cozy house to live in,” said Nerijus.


Eternit “Fairy Tale House” brings joy to the children at kindergarten


Having survived the criminal Christmas drama,  the Fairy Tale House has been safely delivered to the Žvaigždutė Kindergarten in Naujoji Akmenė to the delight of the children. The house was transported from the central city plaza to the kindergarten and placed at its new location underneath a tree. The children already know that this is a place for drawing, playing, and hanging around. The kindergarten administration assured that various events and activities will be held in and at the Fairy Tale House. 

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It now takes little time and effort to calculate the cost of roofing or façade construction or remodeling, create detailed budget estimate and receive technical drawings.