We have cozily settled down under a reliable roof

This autumn marks the second year since Neringa and Arnoldas Petraičiai, the residents of Panevėžys, have started building their house. Today they rush home from work to their beautiful house with chocolate-colored Eternit Baltic roofing. Now they rush home from work to their beautiful house on Jono Jablonskio Street with chocolate-colored Eternit Baltic corrugated roofing. The residents of Panevėžys chose this roofing due to its high hardiness, durability and excellent soundproofing.

The Petraitis family settled down on their grandparents’ property which they bought back in 1939 when they relocated from the countryside to Panevėžys. Like many other local residents, they built a wooden cottage which was home to several generations. “Even though our grandparents’ house was very charming and cozy, there was little use in its renovation as most of the house had severely deteriorated. Thus, in 2007 we started looking for an architect who could bring our idea to life and design a new house,” narrated Neringa. 

The construction preparation works happed to start during the recession; however it did not slow down the progress. The Petraitis family house was built in a year and three months.

“We had our housewarming party last December. As we moved into the house in winter, we’ve already had a chance to test the quality of the construction works. We are glad that we did not decide to save on the insulation of the house. Last year, during the coldest winter months we paid 430 Litas for the heating of the entire 140 square meters,” said Neringa. She was sure that the family had chosen the best heating method, which was gas heating. She said that it felt like living in an apartment with no need to take care of firewood or coal. According to Neringa, gas heating is not expensive if the house is properly insulated and built in compliance with high quality standards. The owners of the house decided to do without clinker bricks and other expensive finishing materials to allocate enough funds for the insulation of the house. The pictures of the house taken with a thermographic camera after the construction works only confirmed that there were no thermal bridges. Even the reveals were right and no cold was seeping through. The house is a one-storey building with a loft which is not used for living, therefore there was no need for roof insulation. Stone wool was laid horizontally only on the ceiling. “Since we invested a lot of money into insulation, we could not afford a nice fence or any of the good-looking details for our backyard. But  the most important thing is that we live in a warm house under a beautiful and sturdy roof made by Eternit Baltic ,” rejoiced the hostess. 

The Petraitis family discussed several roofing versions and contemplated their technical characteristics. As for roofing materials, they had no personal experience whatsoever, therefore their biggest fear was that the roof would rattle during rain or the house would get too stuffy in summer. Having explored all their possibilities in the technical literature and considered numerous pieces of advice, the Petraitis family decided to go for the Baltijos Banga roofing made in Lithuania. “We are highly satisfied with our choice because a nice roof to a house is like a hat to a man: it both warms and adorns. Also, no rain or wind noise can be heard inside the house. We haven’t noticed anything out of order during hot summer days either. We are now absolutely positive that corrugated sheets is a sturdy roofing material because one can even walk on the roof without damaging anything. Moreover, it is very durable and health friendly as it contains no asbestos,” commented Neringa on their decision. In addition to the roofing, the new owners of the house also purchased default ridge elements and other original roof details. “Of course, we could have saved by laying tin on the ridge and other places but in such case the roof would have lost part of its beauty and functionality,” said Neringa. According to the house owners, it is not rational to risk and choose different roof details because the amount of money saved could later come back in an overwhelming number of problems.

It now takes little time and effort to calculate the cost of roofing or façade construction or remodeling, create detailed budget estimate and receive technical drawings.