Soffit lining

Soffit lining with CEDRAL


What is soffit lining and what materials to choose?

Soffit lining or filling of underside of eaves with soffit means installation of finish materials under the eaves of a roof.  When choosing soffit lining, it is important to take into consideration the durability of aesthetic appearance of materials. Soffit lining is installed in hard-to-reach areas. These are usually areas which occur are at great heights. For this reason, maintenance of soffit lining becomes complicated. It is, therefore, recommended to use those finish materials which guarantee that the initial appearance of materials will be long-lasting and will not require re-painting. The material has to be resistant to water and, as recommendable, fire resistant.

Advantages of soffit lining with CEDRAL cement boards

• Easy installation and maintenance even in hard-to-reach areas of the roof.

• The material does not decay, rot away, it requires no repainting as wooden boards do.

• Results it aesthetic appearance of a finished roof.

• Resistant to fire and environmental impact.

• Possibility to create a one-piece, integral exterior with facade.



Cement matchboards CEDRAL are fixed with screws/nails to the wooden framework with 4 visible fixings. To fix the lower board (the base), CEDRAL screws 4.0x45mm may be used. The top board (the covering) is screwed with screws 5.5x55mm left visible. To have solid and integral surface of facade, choose screws of colour identical to CEDRAL matchboards.


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Gallery of soffit lining solutions

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