Finishing chimney

 Finishing chimney with DACORA tiles


What should be taken into consideration when choosing materials for chimney finish?

Chimney is as important part of a house as the roof.

It is the tallest part of a house, thus the most visible, and its finish is to be assessed at first sight. Finish materials used for chimney determine, whether it will spoil the appearance of a house or will decorate it. First, it is recommended to choose those colours which match with the roof and the facade of a house.

Second, materials should be chosen. They have to be durable, nonflammable and heat resistant.

Advantages of DACORA cement tiles as finish for chimney

• Material of extremely high density, thus durable and resistant.

• Tiles are nonflammable and resistant to environmental impact.

• Unique surface which optically reduces a chimney.

• Several options of installation; therefore, there is a possibility to

adjust the tiles to any creative solution.



DACORA tiles may be installed in several different ways subject to the desired final result and the measurements as well as the form of the tiles themselves. Installation is carried out using staples or nails.


Gallery of finishing solutions for chimney

It now takes little time and effort to calculate the cost of roofing or façade construction or remodeling, create detailed budget estimate and receive technical drawings.