Fences and gates

 CEDRAL for fences and gates  


What should be taken into consideration when choosing materials for fences and gates?

Fence is the main structure separating an object from the surrounding environment; it is especially relevant in residential areas where residential or commercial buildings are built next to each other. Apart from the main – protective – function, fence also serves an aesthetic function, completes the exterior of a yard and complements the entire look of a house. When choosing finish materials for fences and gates, it is important to pay attention to such characteristics of material as environmental impact and durability, so as to avoid annual repainting and assure simple maintenance. An important aspect is the possibility to adjust the style to the facade and roof of a house.

Advantages of CEDRAL cement matchboards

• Have the structure of timber but the material is actually more durable than wood.

• Wide variety of colours.

• Easy maintenance – no need to clean or repaint.

• Easy installation and adjustment to any creative solution.

• Coherent look of exterior (of the house) –

possibility to adjust to the facade.



CEDRAL cement matchboards are fixed with screws/nails to the base of the fence. To ensure integrity of fence/gates, choose screws of colour identical to CEDRAL matchboards. Boards may be easily cut to the desired length.

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Gallery of fence/gate sollutions

It now takes little time and effort to calculate the cost of roofing or façade construction or remodeling, create detailed budget estimate and receive technical drawings.