Façade solution

 Facade solution with CORRUGATED SHEETS


Ventilated facade with corrugated sheets

Due to negative impact on micro-climate of homes, human health and its complicated maintenance, plastered façade is increasingly seldom chosen in building or renovating residential buildings. As an alternative ventilated façade is offered. During its installation an air gap is left between the insulation material and finish materials. This allows for the regulation of inside temperature and the increase of resistance to weather conditions – the ventilated façade retains moisture, it does not absorb moisture and in this way decay and rotting of both interior and exterior is avoided.  Nevertheless, the installation of ventilated façade is often complex for large residential/utility buildings. In such cases the façade solution with corrugated sheets is recommended.

Advantages of CORRUGATED SHEETS as facade material

• Simple treatment and installation – no special tools are required.

• One sheet covers a large area.

• Material is resistant to the environmental impact and is durable.

• Material is diffuse, allows for the regulation of moisture inside the building.

• Nonflammability (A1 group).

• Possibility to create an integral, solid and coherent view of facade using the same sheets for roof and facade.



Corrugated sheets are installed on the facade following the same principle as on the roof, namely, by fixing screws to the wooden framework. Spaces between longitudinal beams of the structure depend on the size of the chosen sheet. To retain integrity of the facade, screws of the same colour may be chosen.  

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