Eternit Baltic

UAB Eternit Baltic was established by German Eternit AG and Lithuanian AB Akmenes cementas companies. The purpose of of this action was creaton of company which could supply local market with ecological alternative for eternir sheets with asbestos 
In 1997 first non asbestos corrugated sheet was produced in Eternit Baltic factory. Since then Eternit Baltic remains only fibrecement roofing material producer in Baltic states.
Nowadays Eternit Baltic is supplier for Baltic states region of products made by Etex group companies.

Our mission 

Improvement of modern human environment, by offering reliable, aesthetic and long lasting products, created by a combination of time-proven experience and contemporary technology.

Our vision

Becoming a leading company in the Baltic States by focusing on quality solutions and long term customer needs.

It now takes little time and effort to calculate the cost of roofing or façade construction or remodeling, create detailed budget estimate and receive technical drawings.